Monday, August 27, 2012

Cool Ranch Finished, Deacon is No More!

Ahoy, me hearties! It is I, Dead-Eye Dustin, the Gem of the Spiral! I have some wonderful news! I have finally finished my treasure hunting in the world known as Cool Ranch! It was quite an adventure, saving brides, defeating undead, and even finally destroying a very high ranked Armada general - Deacon. So you want me to tell you about my adventure, do you? Well of course I will!

Cool Ranch was a very long world. Compared to Monquista, I would say it is more than twice the size. It is extremely fun at the beginning- did anyone else feel like they were in a Looney Toons episode?- but by the end it does seem to drag on...

Despite its length, I did  have an incredible time! I had to break two future brides out of captivity! One of them looks a little familiar, eh? 

Look its Selena- er... SERENA! I had to save Serena from Banditoads to help prove that I was worthy to meet El Toro. And it proved to work! After convincing El Toro I had to rescue HIS bride as well, from a Marleybonian prision in Port Regal! 

Love at first sight, eh? I had to save Mustang Sally from the clutches of the Marleybonians while she was on a super secret mission! I won't spoil it for you, but we worked together to break an emperor out of that prison!

And then I had to defeat the head of the Banditoads, Santa Rana! El Toro and I broke directly into his palace and showed him who's in charge!


Eventually I sailed through the Haunted Skyways of Cool Ranch to find out where Captain Blood hid Marco Pollo's treasure! I was successful, but when I found the gold I was encountered by one of good friends- Deacon. This time he wasn't going to let me escape, so he joined his troops to defeat me! But boy, did I prove him wrong...

And that's the end of my Cool Ranch adventures... Where will I go next? Well, perhaps somewhere very familiar to some Wizards! Stay tuned for more on the next world!

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