Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New PvP Video and Pirate101 News!

Ahoy mateys! Today be a good day for some Pirate101 news! But before I get into that, I'd like to congratulate myself on achieving Knight status in PvP! Here's a little video of me winning the duel! It was a simple quick-join battle, as I'm still new to the whole "PvP" game.

Now, I know all of you don't really care that much about me, so here is the news on Pirate101 directly quoted from Pirates of the Spiral.

"Congratulations Pirate101 & Kingsisle!

I would like to congratulate P101 and Kingsisle for winning the best hybrid strategy award 
courtesy of RTSguru. You can see the article here on there site-

Secondly there is a new Pirate101 based video thanks to Dad Labs over on youtube.
During the video you get to see the UI of Pirate101, looks pretty awesome~

They also got to interview some of the lead designers of the game, definatly a must watch!

-Pirates of the Spiral

Well that is just fantastic! Congratulations Kingsisle for already winning an award on a game that hasn't even been released yet! I'm sure it is well deserved, and makes me want to play the game even more! And what about the game footage shown in the video from DadLabs? It looks like the User Interface (UI) is going to be fresh off the drawing board! I'm extremely excited! If you look at the circle in the bottom right corner it looks like Pirates will get to use some sort of a mini-map to guide them around. The circle on the left looks like it represents health... And it's currently at 279. Perhaps the health per level will be similar to Wizard101? Whatever the case, I'm sure Kingsisle has an extremely amazing game waiting for us to play! 

Check back often for more information, and I'll see you in beta!

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