Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1000 Away from 5000 Visitors!

Thank you Wizards and Pirates alike! I am happy to announce that Gem of the Spiral will soon be reaching 5,000 visitors, and that is more than I ever expected! I never imagined people would be interested in a blog like this, by someone they probably don't even know! I am just happy that my posts are helpful and entertaining to people all around the spiral, and plan to continue! 

Despite my entries in the Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate, you haven't really been given that much information on my in-game experiences and who I am. As the first of many rewards for this visitor celebration, this post will be all about my pirate and wizards, and even a way you can become friends with me!


Ahoy mateys! My name is Dead-Eye Dustin! Lately, I've been a slow sailing pirate, and I'm only level 25, but that will soon change as I search around Cool Ranch for Captain Blood's treasure! Inside his treasure is one of the pieces of Marco Pollo's map, and will put me one step closer to reaching El Dorado! If you can't already tell, I'm a Witchdoctor, and that means I use the Hoodoo powers to summon undead, weaken, and destroy the enemies. My trusty companions Mormo and Old Scratch also harness the power of Hoodoo, and together we are one Hoodoo of a crew! Too much, eh?

As you can see, I'm not that wealthy of a pirate... But that's because I spend all me booty on ships and ship parts that better suit my nautical level of 18! I'm also part Privateer, as I use my practice points to help me learn to heal myself and my allies!

And here are my trusty companions! I choose to keep them all leveled at around the same time, so that way I won't have the chance of a really underpowered companion joining my battle. This is critical for me, as I am a solo-pirate (as seen in my videos), and a strong team is required to be able to solo!

Well that's all about my pirate! Stay tuned for an entry on my wizard, and a contest coming soon, once I finally do reach 5,000 visitors! See you around the spiral!

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