Friday, November 2, 2012

Kingsisle Show and Tell Contest - Win a Computer!

You Could Win a Computer!

Kingsisle, Sapphire, and AMD have teamed up to host a very impressive contest, one where you could win one of twelve 12 limited-edition Sapphire mini-PCs! One grand prize winner will also receive a custom-built Eyefinity system from AMD! The mini-PCs are powerful computers despite their size, and are perfect for sailing the skyways and defeating the Umbra Legion! The custom-built system is the grand prize for one reason; it is an extreme gaming computer with 3 monitors! The three monitors work together to give you a beautiful wide-screen display! With these computer, lag in-game will be a thing of the past!

How to Enter!

Enough with the prizes, if you want to win you have to earn it of course! Starting November 1st Wizards and Pirates will be able to start entering this contest with one entry per week. Each week, the theme of the entry changes. The theme of entry is always about showing and telling how Wizard101/Pirate101 has affected you!

  • Week 1: Family Bonding – Tell us a story about how playing Wizard101 has brought your family closer together or created additional family bonding opportunities.
  • Week 2: Learning – Tell us about the ways that KingsIsle’s games have contributed to learning in your family or helped you sharpen skills. 
  • Week 3: Inspiration – Tell us how KingsIsle’s games have driven inspiration or creativity with you and your family members.
  • Week 4: Creativity – Show us your original creative work. Share your art, writing or other artistic creativity inspired by Pirate101 or Wizard101 (drawings, sculptures, poetry, cake decorating).

Now that you know all about the contest, it's time to enter! Click the image below to enter!

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