Sunday, November 11, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 7: Valencia

Ahoy Pirates! I am currently in a very interesting situation, thanks to Captain Avery yet again! While I was sailing back to Skull Island, I was attacked by lots and lots of pirates! They all wanted a "map," and apparently Captain Avery said I had it! As it turns out, however, Avery had the map all along, but told everyone I had it because he thought I died in Monquista. How nice of him! But Avery didn't even have the entire map, he only had one piece, and all the others were hidden around the spiral.

Avery decided to tell me the story of El Dorado, and how Marco Pollo hid all the pieces of the map to El Dorado all around the spiral. Apparently, I found the first piece of the map in Captain Gunn's Treasure!

After much persuasion, I was convinced to help Captain Avery find El Dorado, for equal share of the treasure!

And after I agreed Avery decided to tell me that the Clockwork Armada was also after the map pieces, because once they found El Dorado, they could finish their plans of taking over the spiral. In attempt to find the next piece of the map, Avery sent me to Valencia, where Marco Pollo studied.

Once I arrived I spoke with an old unicorn who pointed me in the right direction; Sivella.

Valencia was an interesting place, however, since it's taken over by the Armada.

I had to put on a lovely disguise in order to gain access into Sivella. Look at my friend to the left!

I spoke with a historian in Sivella, and he sent me to the library to find Marco Pollo's collection. His map must be in there!

Unfortunately the library was taken over by the Armada...

So I had to fight my way through!

When I arrived, I was already too late! The Armada had already searched through Pollo's collection at the library!

I returned to Sivella and was told that there was a small chance a map piece may be in Marco Pollo's tomb on Granchia.

When I arrived the Armada was eating the island with one of their machines!

When my crew and I found Marco Pollo's tomb, we were encountered by Phule, a member of Kane's Court! He knew exactly who we were! Look at this, Avery's gotten us a royal enemy!

Phule had his soldiers attack us, but luckily we made it out alive!

Without a map piece, we returned to the wise old unicorn who helped us in the beginning. He told us that perhaps we should speak to someone who knew Marco Pollo, and pointed us in the direction of Brother Varo.

Brother Varo knew exactly what we were talking about! He sent us to find Christopher Clark in Cool Ranch to find Marco Pollo's map!

And through the Stormgate we went! On to Cool Ranch pirates! Until next time!

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