Monday, October 8, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 1: Witchdoctor Sets Sail!


Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 1: Witchdoctor Sets Sail!

Ahoy fellow pirates! If ye have found this journal ye be be read'n th' wondrous tail o' Dead-Eye Dustin, one o' th' first Dead-Eye pirates t' sail th' spiral! I have decided t' write this journal t' share all me tales wi' th' pirates who dare find me journal in me treasure! T' begin me adventure I be rescued off o' an Armada Prison Ship by th' unseaworthily infamous Boochbeard an' his sidekick Gandry!

Just your typical pirates, as ye can see! Howe'er they were very blastedly helpful, an' helped me escape th' prison ship an' add a new member t' me crew! Kan Po!

Howe'er, just cause I escaped an' made an ally doesn't mean I'm safe an' sound! I be threatened by an Armada leader; Deacon.

Be'n th' nice pirate I be, I got o'er his carbunculously little threat an' decided t'....

Sink 'nother Armada ship! Yo-ho, th' Armada took me parents away from me, so I won't be gett'n o'er them very soon! Aft escap'n th' Armada, I struck a deal wi' Cap'n Avery, Pirate leader o' Skull Isle, an' helped him wi' silly things he should be able t' do himself!

I added 'nother member t' me crew!

 I enjoyed cast'n hoodoo on th' local Troggies!

I got myself some shark teeth!

...with Kan Po o' course!


...and more sharks.

An' don't forget th' gibberish Troggy language!

Flush'n th' Troggy toilet!

An' thus I finished Avery's dirty work! But that's nay all! Cap'n Avery rewarded me wi' a ship!

Do ye like it? OH! No, that's nay me ship...

This pathetic skiff is! An' you'd think that aft I be ripped off by Cap'n Avery I'd walk away an' ne'er see him agin... Oh no! I offer t' help him agin by try'n t' find Cap'n Gunn's treasure!

Needless t' say, I may be a powerful pirate, but I'm nay th' brightest! I'll let ye know where me journey leads next in me next entry! Until then, pirates!


Thanks for reading my first entry of The Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate! What do you think? Should I continue as I journey through the spiral? Please, comment below!

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