Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 4: The Gold Monkey

Ahoy pirates! It is I Dead-Eye Dustin! I have successfully recovered Captain Gunn's treasure, and now I am encouraged by Captain Avery to complete another daring task! He wishes to set up a trade company with the Monquistadors, but they're not very... open... to the rest of the spiral. It is my job to present some of Captain Gunn's treasure as gift to the Monquistadors in request for a trade company. When I got to Puerto Mico, a Monquistan Territory on Skull Island, things didn't exactly go as planned... The majordomo was not fond of my "outfit" so I had to get another one.

The majordomo gave it to me himself!

Aren't I stunning?! These clothes are definitely my style. I finally was dressed well enough to speak with the Governor!

He wasn't very enthusiastic about my trade offer, apparently. So he sent me to do some things that would prove my interest in helping the Monquistadors.

I spoke with Bishop Hidalgo, who sent me to the Isle of Doom to bring back the long lost Gortez home. Apparently he was sent their to investigate something known as "The Gold Monkey," but he never came back! So it was now my duty to get him back. During my journey for Gortez I fought many vicious enemies!

I managed to defeat every enemy that dared encounter me! Eventually, I found Gortez...

He wasn't exactly what I expected, but he did put up a good fight! I took him as my prisoner and returned to Puerto Mico!

When I returned, however, there was new governor! Apparently the first wasn't fit for the job... This new governor had no idea what I had been doing, so she told me to deliver Gortez to the Holy Monquisition, and speak with the King and Queen of Monquista. What an interesting change in events this has been! I'll write more when I arrive in Monquista! Until next time pirates!


Wondering about the missing story in between the this and the previous chapter? Stay tuned for information on the The Lost Pages of Dead-Eye Dustin, a new contest coming soon!

After some consideration, and feedback from readers, I have decided to discontinue the use of "Pirate Talk," as some Pirates felt it was difficult to read and hard to understand the story. If you prefer the original text, don't be afraid to contact me at dustin@gemofthespiral.com! All opinions will be considered!

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