Monday, October 29, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 6: The Monkey's Paw

Ahoy pirates! Today began my journey to find the Monkey's Paw! Just to catch everyone up, I'm searching for the Monkey's Paw so the Opposition has some leverage over the Holy Monquisition. If I help them, they will sign my trade papers for Captain Avery! My journey for the Paw begins in the sewers, as I attempt to break into Monquista City for information on where the Claw is hidden.

I had to fight my way through the sewers to activate all the levers. Eventually I found a ladder that led straight up to Monquista!

Once I got inside, I put my monkey of a disguise on!

I found some information which lead me to Diablo Cut, a place where the Monkey's Paw supposedly dwelt.

 What a lovely place for a royal claw to be hanging around!

I ran into some trouble looking for the paw, however...

Who knew plants could be so evil!

Lots of undead, too. It was one interesting cave...

I finally found the room of the Monkey's Claw! However, it was a test. There were hundreds of paws throughout the room, and I needed to pick the right one or die! Naturally, I chose the only one that looked like a Monkey's Paw... And I was right!

So Donkey Hotey wished for a million bananas... Sigh...

Nevertheless I managed to get the trade papers signed! Now it's time to head back to Captain Avery! 'Til next time Pirates!

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  1. One Million Banana's! Had Me In Tears Laughing LOL