Saturday, October 27, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 5: Monquista

Ahoy pirates! What good news I have! I finally managed to find a Windstone that allowed me to go through the Monquistan stormgate! Now, I am in Monquista, attempting to take part in an opposition against the tyrannical Holy Monquisition. This epic quest started when I first arrived in Monquista City, and I spoke with the King and Queen at their palace.

I wasn't given a very warm welcome until they found out I was the one who captured Gortez!

The King and Queen gave me one last job, to take Gortez to a prison called Zenda. But it turns out that it was a trap! The guards at Zenda attempted to defeat Gortez and my crew! Despite what I did to Gortez, he helped me defeat the Monquisition Guards.

Gortez sent me to speak to another friendly prisoner within Zenda.

Her name is Queen Eleanor, and she is one of the many ex-queens who once ruled Monquista. The new royals are tyrannical, and she needs my help to start a civil war. 

I spoke with other queens who weren't so fond of my "hairless-ness," but when I returned to Zenda Queen Eleanor told me of her plan to stop the Holy Monquisition. The Monkey's Paw.

She then went and told me to speak with Don Kehotay.

And that's when things got interesting... Don Kehotay had been truned into Donkey Hotey by the Monkey's Paw! Now not only did I need to find the paw to start a civil war, but I needed to help turn Donkey Hotey back! 'Til next time Pirates!

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