Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 2: Ratbeard Rebellion

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 2: Ratbeard Rebellion

Ahoy pirates! This be me second entry o' me journal, an' things have definitely gone... nay as planned! I decided t' accept Cap'n Avery's second request, an' I be now undergo'n th' hunt fer Cap'n Gunn's treasure. Avery told me he left th' Will an' Map fer th' treasure wi' a Watermole named Mormo. Avery told me t' trust him an' that he shall join me crew on th' journey. B'fore head'n t' Mormo t' g't th' Will, I decided t' visit Madame Vadima, a Witchdoctor Trainer.

She didn't exactly give me th' answers I be look'n fer, but I suppose she spoke o' enough. Aft, "Stab That Crustation!" I headed o'er t' th' Tavern t' meet wi' me blastedly new crew! 

When I arrived, thar be a big dispute go'n on; Ratbeard had our ship, but Mormo had th' Will! I tried me best t' settle th' problem, but they continued t' argue!

Eventually Ratbeard attacked!

I tried t' settle it peacefully... Hehe... But Rateard stole th' Will from Mormo t' try an' find th' treasure himself an' take all th' gold! So, I decided t' follow him t' Bloody Shoals.

Here, I be surprised t' find Ratbeard's crew dead! He had poisoned them so he could have th' treasure t' himself! Be'n th' passionate Pirate I be, I decided t' help them, hop'n that they would return th' favor.

I helped them repay debts...

Got some Batacuda meat...

Don't forget Kan Po!

I encountered some Crab Thugs...

Hoodoo t' th' rescue!

An' I saved blastedly poor Young Nick! Cause o' me great help, Ratbeard's crews' spirits rewarded me by tell'n me where t' head next; I needed t' find th' Frogfather.

I met wi' Cap'n Ahab in Jonah Town (a city on top a sky whale) an' he didn't exactly sound unseaworthily enthusiastic wi' me interest in th' Frogfather. I decided t' stay a night at an Inn nearby an' would continue me treasure hunt th' next day. Until then, pirates!

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