Friday, October 19, 2012

The Great Skull Island Scavenger Hunt!

Ahoy pirates! Welcome to the Great Skull Island Scavenger Hunt! Marco Pollo sent me a special map with two codes, but I must first make sure the recipients are worthy of such a great reward... Below are six pictures of objects located throughout Skull Island. In order to prove yourself, you must be one of the first two pirates to take a picture of yourself standing with these items! The next three people to send their pictures will receive a Wizard101 Pack of their choice. All pictures should be sent (in one email when you are finished) to The contest has ended. All winners should contact me if they have not received their prize yet.

But wait, I feel as though I should give a little help... Below are clues associated with each picture!

Clue 1: I run up and down a hill all day long! You can't catch me!
Clue 2: There's a lot of water in the mouth of the ruins.
Clue 3: Marco Pollo wrote, "I am stuck inside a cave due to a Cutthroat blockade... I must make camp here!"
Clue 4: Fin Dorsal loves stealing things, especially this falcon!
Clue 5: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the- OOP EEP OOK LOK!
Clue 6: What a nice view of the island this bird has!

Some of you may be asking what the special prize from Marco Pollo is? Let's just say it will be an... interesting... addition to your crew! Still not sure? Click here!

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