Friday, October 19, 2012

Marco Pollo's Map!

Ahoy mateys! Yesterday I received some mail from Marco Pollo himself, and he was kind enough to give me a duplicate of his map that would help me gain a new ally in my crew! This isn't an ordinary "X Marks the Spot" kind of map though, I needed to solve puzzles to get me reward!

From the journal of Marco Pollo -
In my voyage across the Spiral, on the world of Mooshu, I discovered a powerful and invaluable treasure: selfless loyalty in the form of a pledge of service to any who decipher the secrets embedded within this precious map. My map has other uses... secret uses beyond showing the path to El Dorado. I have concealed five sets of codes within my map to grant this sacred gift to those who are worthy. Yet this trust is not to be taken lightly, so two additional sets of codes are interspersed to mislead the unworthy. The five proper codes, placed together in the right order, will yield that great treasure, while the two lesser codes, placed together in their own correct order, will send travelers to another place with its own reward. This may be for naught however. My map is the key to a power so great and terrible that I must take extraordinary measures. I will tear it into seven pieces and scatter those pieces across the Spiral. In time, perhaps it can be restored through the greatest effort... but that time is still to come. For now, perhaps the codes I have hidden within the pieces of my map can be of use against the forces of tyranny and evil.
And thus I began my journey for the codes! Now I've heard that I was only one of the few people who received this map, and since my code can be given to two more lucky pirates, I will be sharing it; for a price of course!

Just as Marco Pollo did, I will be sending YOU on a treasure hunt throughout Skull Island! The first two to complete the treasure hunt will receive the code from Marco Pollo's map, and the following three winners will receive a Wizard101 Pack (subject to change) of their choice. Much more detailed information will be announced in the coming hours, and it will start sometime tomorrow morning, so follow my twitter (@DustinFiregem) for updates! The official start time will be announced on my twitter sometime tonight and then added to this post. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Good luck pirates!


  1. I'm afraid so, sorry! They were all given out during the last contest!