Sunday, October 14, 2012

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 3: The Frogfather

Journal of a Dead-Eye Pirate - Chapter 3: The Frogfather

Ahoy pirates! If ye be still read'n this it means I have survived me journey so far, an' I didn't grow too lazy t' belay writ'n this journal! I left off talk'n t' Cap'n Ahab bout th' Frogfather an' I found out some information...

It turns out that th' residents o' Jonah Town be in debt t' th' Frogfather, an' have b'n pay'n him booty t' "protect" their precious whale o' an island! Cap'n Ahab told me where I could find th' Frogfather... An' I wished I ne'er found out...

Th' Frogfather lived in Gullet, an isle inside th' fly'n whale's stomach! Aft some investigat'n I found out where th' Frogfather be hid'n.

But, it turned out t' be a trap. But these toads didn't know me! I defeated them all, so they gladly showed me where th' Frogfather actually lived.

What a nice place he lives in! He can afford it cause he scams birds fer booty fer a liv'n...

I spoke wi' th' Frogfather an' he told me that he did have information on where Ratbeard be, but thar be a catch o' course.

I needed t' do him favor, so he owed me a favor, in which he would give me th' favor aft I gave him a favor. So in conclusion, we would exchange a favor fer a favor... I think...

Th' Frogfather wanted me t' steal some spices from th' Monquistan Presidio, so that be exactly what I did!


Aft successfully steal'n th' spices from th' Presidio, an' mak'n a new ally, I returned t' th' Frogfather. B'fore I got th' information on Ratbeard, howe'er, Gaspard De Vole, one o' me parents' old crew mates, offered t' join me crew!

I be very blastedly happy that he joined me crew...

He's got some awesome moves!

I be very angry, howe'er, when I found out th' Frogfather couldn't give me any information on Ratbeard cause o' a favor fer him. So he transferred his favor t' a rabbit named One-Eyed Jack who lived on Flotsam.

Gaspard De Vole had b'n keep'n me parents' old ship fer a carbunculously long time, an' he had given it t' me t' use on me journey! So far he seems very helpful, an' I be happy he joined me crew! Until next time, Pirates!

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